Joan of Arc Look to Fans to Help Fund New Steve Albini-produced Album

Joan of Arc Look to Fans to Help Fund New Steve Albini-produced Album
Is it just us, or are fundraisers starting to get a little out of hand in the indie rock world? In just the last couple of weeks, we learned that Chunklet was looking for some extra bread to put out its latest book, some dude wanted to collect enough cash to stop Weezer for good and ex-Silkworm member Tim Midgett wanted to pay off Steve Albini's mortgage. Well, now Chicago art rockers Joan of Arc are asking for your help: they need to record a new album.

A press release from the act's label Polyvinyl points out that bandleader Tim Kinsella started up a Kickstarter page to help collect funds towards making their 11th full-length album.

Interestingly, Kinsella hopes the as-yet-untitled set to be recorded by fellow pledge-recipient Albini. While Joan of Arc once thrived in open, improvisational situations, according to their Kickstarter page, the band realize they can no longer afford to just screw around in a studio. In fact, they can barely afford any time at all.

The page reads:

Whereas the studio has in the past been a ground for exploration and experimentation, it's now needed simply to document in the cleanest manner possible the sound of the band as it exists live. Steve Albini is of course the foremost specialist in this field. But as the availability and ease of recording technologies has proliferated exponentially, the cost of a more traditional approach has become more restrictive. This is especially true for a band like Joan of Arc attempting to sustain itself by the most modest means possible, depending on a small number of dedicated enthusiasts.

You can, of course, donate some funds out of the goodness of your heart, but the outfit will also be offering up incentives for your generosity. Depending on how much you dish out, goodies include downloads of all of their albums - including the digital-only concert recording Live in Appalachia, 2009 - various test pressings and 50 unique 8.5" x 11" ink drawings that Kinsella drew on his father's personal stationary.

Throw in a picture of Kinsella cuddling the curmudgeonly Albini post-recording and we'll drop a couple of dollars for sure.

Joan of Arc hopes to raise $8,000 by November 30. You can check out the current tally here.