Jawbox to Reunite on Jimmy Fallon

Jawbox to Reunite on <i>Jimmy Fallon</i>
True punk fans understood why we were so excited this past July when noting that influential post-hardcore outfit Jawbox were set to re-release their incredible 1994 opus, For Your Own Special Sweetheart.

The pioneering Washington, DC band have ties to hardcore heroes Government Issue and put out some solid albums during their eight years. It was a no-brainer that Dischord Records would tap into the group's already-strong cult market for another swing at an album that was shot down in its time but proved to be timeless.

And, as we all know, once a reissue comes out it rekindles interest not only in listeners but the band as well. So here's where the real news happens.

According to Billboard [via The Daily Swarm], the band are willing to support the reissue by making their first appearance together in 12 years, agreeing to perform on NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on December 8.

We're sure some sort of tour is bound to follow but in the meantime, set your VCRs, 'cause if you know who Jawbox are, you know how to program one of those suckers faster than you can find them on YouTube.