Handsome Furs Release 'iTunes Live from Montreal'

Handsome Furs Release 'iTunes Live from Montreal'
Now that Wolf Parade is done (possibly for good), singer/guitarist Dan Boeckner is giving his band Handsome Furs his full attention. A collaboration with his wife Alexei Perry, the duo will release Sound Kapital on June 28 via Sub Pop. Luckily, you won't have to wait until then to check out the band's new EP, iTunes Live from Montreal, which is available now.

The collection includes two new cuts from Sound Kapital: "Repatriated" (which was previously released as a single) and "No Feelings." There are also three tunes from 2009's Face Control: "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues," "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything," and "Legal Tender."

Check out the tracklist below and head to iTunes to purchase Live from Montreal.

Also, read up on Sound Kapital here, and be sure to check out the NSFW album cover.

It's been a good week for live EPs from iTunes. Best Coast also released an iTunes Session yesterday (May 31).

iTunes Live from Montreal:

1. "Talking Hotel Arbat Blues"
2. "All We Want, Baby, Is Everything"
3. "Repatriated"
4. "Legal Tender"
5. "No Feelings"

Handsome Furs - Repatriated by subpop