Emilie & Ogden "Ten Thousand" (video)

Emilie & Ogden 'Ten Thousand' (video)
Montreal woman-and-harp duo Emilie & Ogden are highlighting one of their 10 000 LP's most tender moments by affixing visuals to the heavenly plucked title track. The outdoorsy, senses-exploring video is streaming now.

Produced by DTO Films, the clip first centres on a black and white scene of a pair of young lovers living in a cabin. A switch to full-colour visuals comes with a narrative reveal that the woman of the pair has gone blind. They then explore their relationship anew, happily stumbling through a forest scene as the blind party discovers a new sense of self.

There are a few twists to the piece, and you can see how the pair fare by clip's end by streaming the video down below.