Daniel Wesley Declares 'I Am Your Man' on New Album

Daniel Wesley Declares 'I Am Your Man' on New Album
Daniel Wesley's output over the years has touched on rock and reggae, but the British Columbia songwriter is returning to his old acoustic style for his latest full-length. The record is called I Am Your Man, and it's due out on May 5, marking the first release of Wesley's own Beachgrove Records.

Wesley was joined in the studio by his usual rhythm section plus a sax player and a keyboardist, with the songwriter himself acting as producer for the first time in eight years. The results apparently recall the chilled-out, beach-ready folk of his early days.

"This was a process of recording I haven't done before," Wesley said in a statement of the sessions. "Recording two halves of a record exactly a year apart and writing all sorts of songs with no timeline or concept was really invigorating. Once I had the basic idea for each song I showed it to the band and they added their own parts to enhance the vibe of the tracks, which made the songs live together very well."

The tracklist is below. Scroll past that to hear the new single "Shake," which is full of shimmering guitar licks and easygoing vibes.

I Am Your Man:

1. Come at Me
2. Shake
3. Rub
4. Beautiful
5. Music in My Soul
6. Speed Bump
7. I Am Your Man
8. Funky Jam
9. So True
10. Sing This Song