Cloudland Canyon Requiems der Natur 2002-2004

Everyone with a taste for adventurous music ate up Black Dice’s revolutionary Beaches & Canyons album like it was the meal of the century, and (thankfully) so many just aren’t ready to shit it out. Cloudland Canyon is one of the many projects that seemed to form in that album’s enlightening wake, a duo of a cross-continental side-project between two heavy rock cats: Kip Uhlhorn of Brooklyn rock band Panthers (who share a rehearsal space with Black Dice) and German multi-instrumentalist Simon Wojan. "Opening/Ice Rift” is perhaps the most Beaches & Canyons moment on Requiems der Natur, with its echoing vocal incantations and mysterioso chords reverberating back onto themselves like colours colliding in a kaleidoscope. One of this collection’s finest moments is "Carolina Foxtail/Sea Chirp,” which careens along on a flying momentum, with blurting nonsense vocal sounds and walls of hazy lo-fi cacophony boiling together in the mix. If you’ve been listening intently to the sounds coming out of our growing modern day noise/drone/folk/psych underground, the challenging, mysterious and diverse palette Cloudland Canyon explore mighty sound like the music of enthusiastic listeners rising to the call, but to others less versed with these ecstatic lines, Requiems der Natur might just provide revelations galore. (Tee Pee)