Buzz Meter

Buzz Meter
Daft Punk (Pictured)
A new album is confirmed, it features Pharrell, Julian Casablancas, Panda Bear and Gonzales, channels Fleetwood Mac and suggests they might actually tour. That's all.

Queens of the Stone Age
They're back with a new album, new label and an old friend on drums: Dave Grohl.

The National
We're willing to bet that the new National album sounds just like the rest of them. That's good enough for us!

Lil Wayne
Critics panned it, but fans bought it. Weezy proved he can spin shit into gold by reaching #2 on Billboard with a "bum-ass album" even he admittedly hates.

Surfer Blood
Your frontman gets arrested for domestic battery and your band gets nicknamed the "indie rock Chris Brown." Good luck with the new album!