Art Brut Our Parents Record Collection (Fuck EMI)

Art Brut <i>Our Parents Record Collection (Fuck EMI)</i>
As we previously reported, English indie piss-takers Art Brut have set the date of May 12 for the release of their third long-player, Art Brut Vs. Satan. Produced by Frank Black, apparently it's "punk as fuck." But of course, it's still almost three months away, although the Brits get it on April 20.

Well, someone has come to the rescue and compiled a definitive but completely unofficial B-sides comp, aptly titled Our Parents Record Collection and subtitled Fuck EMI, perhaps in a middle-fingered gesture to their former label. Though it's not a complete retrospective (I don't see "Don't Blame It On The Trains" anywhere) it still tides over those fans who just don't have the funds or obsessive nature to be completists. And for those completists, well, here's another bootleg to add alongside 6 Music Session 2005.

While these are B-sides (read: discarded material), there are some gems. "The Great Escape" is Art Brut at their rompiest, boasting about their "great ideas," the Long Blondes-assisted "Top of the Pops" is them voicing their desperation to make it onto the late BBC program, and who couldn't love the distorto-blasting hardcore of "NME My Enemy," aside from the NME, of course - they probably love it, actually. I have a certain affinity for "These Animal Menswe@r," mostly because of my past infatuation with both These Animal Men and Menswe@r, not to mention all of that silly Britpop Art Brut themselves have admitted is a major influence on them. And check out "Boom Boom Boom Boom," which as you likely guessed is Eddie Argos and co. drunkenly belting out a karaoke version of the Venga Boys classic.

Art Brut "These Animal Menswe@r"

Art Brut "Boom Boom Boom Boom"

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1. These Animal Menswe@r
2. About Time
3. Maternity Ward
4. Really Bad Weekend
5. Home Altars Of Mexico
6. Every Other Weekend
7. I Found This Song In The Road
8. I Want To Be Double A-Sided
9. Wasted Week-end
10. Our Parents Record Collection
11. The Great Escape
12. I Got Shit Thrown At Me
13. Subliminal Desire For Adventure
14. Top Of The Pops
15. NME My Enemy
16. Boom Boom Boom Boom
17. Lesson Learnt